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This bottle is different from other dog water bottles, it features a bottle combined with a dog food container, so it is ideal for you to take your pets to walk, run, and hike. The wide sink design is more convenient for your pet to drink and for you to recycle the water that is left over.

【Leak Proof and No Water Waste】:This portable dog water bottle design features a rotary switch as well as a silica gel seal ring, which assures a leakproof experience.

【Easy to Use】: When you switch to "on" and tilt the cloud-shaped opening slightly, the water will flow out. If your pet cannot finish the water, you can put the bottle upright to collect the excess water and rotate it to off.

【Safe and Durable】:This dog water dispenser is made of high-quality and food-grade material with no odor, no harm, and safety drop resistance. Furthermore, the dog water bottle can be completely disassembled for cleaning.

【Comes with strap and Easy to carry】:These portable dog water bottles are rather portable and convenient for walking and hiking. The bottle is very sturdy and the shape of the bottle can fit easily in a side pocket of a backpack.


[Product size] :

9*9.5*23cm, capacity 350ml
9*9.5*27.5cm, capacity 600ml
Water + food: 9*9.5*27.5cm, (drink 350ml+ feed 200ml)

Portable Pet Water Dispenser

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